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Mark DeHanes

My over 40 years as a professional photographer was born from a lifelong love of all types of images. From a young age, I would go through newspapers, periodicals, and LIFE magazine to gaze at the beautiful pictures. As I grew older, I continued to observe imagery, visiting museums and studying art and graphic design.

Whether I am photographing families in their element, taking headshots for a corporate client, or capturing the exquisiteness in nature – when I am taking pictures, I am using my camera to draw with light and creating art that is useful, even when the sole purpose is simply to express beauty.

Being a photographer brings me so much joy and allows me opportunities to meet so many unique people and visit new places. I believe all pictures come from within and that great photography is almost entirely dependent on clear communication. In order for any shoot to be successful, I must be in tune with my subjects, my clients, and my surroundings at all times.

Knowing that my work is the highest possible quality and that my clients are happy is of the utmost importance to me.


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